Opera GX Unveils 'Fake My History,' A Clean Slate for Your Dirty Past

July 27, 2023 at 8:50 AM EDT

The browser for gamers is helping you say goodbye to your embarrassing internet history.

OSLO, Norway, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Opera GX, the browser for gamers by Opera [NASDAQ:OPRA], now protects your reputation after death with "Fake My History," an all-new feature that will replace your questionable browsing history with a clean slate after your death (or two weeks of inactivity) so you don't have to worry about anyone discovering your guilty pleasures online.

Here's how it works: Continue browsing like you normally would; stumble upon your thousandth cat video, dive headfirst into conspiracy theory rabbit holes, and yes, even indulge in some occasional X-rated content. But after 14 consecutive days of inactivity, Opera GX will make a reasonable assumption – that you've fallen into a bottomless pit, gotten smacked in the head with a turtle shell, or chosen to punish yourself by switching to another browser.

As a parting gift, Opera GX will graciously replace your browsing history with an entirely fictional, yet surprisingly pleasant, version - in case your nosy partner, parent or roommate opens Opera GX and sneaks a posthumous peek at your history, they can marvel at your bogus yet impeccable online tastes and the charmingly fictional exploits that fill your digital past. Bask in the glory of a phony yet plausibly sanitized browsing history that rivals the innocent escapades of the internet's most virtuous users with fake web searches like "local volunteer opportunities," "free online courses for personal growth," "how to encourage voting in my community," "how to build a birdhouse," and more upstanding queries that would make your grandma proud.

"In life, there are no saves, respawns or checkpoints - anything can happen. When it does, what will you be remembered for? The Lara Croft body pillow you ordered online? With 'Fake My History,' we're wiping the slate clean and replacing your scandalous digital shenanigans with a totally fake version of your browsing past," said Maciej Kocemba, Product Director, Opera GX.

Upon opting in, users can have their browser history automatically deleted after 14 consecutive days of inactivity and replaced with a carefully selected, pre-defined set of various URLs. To not keep them waiting, they can also select the "Pretend I'm Already Dead" box and the feature will immediately go into effect.

About Opera  

Opera is a web innovator building on more than 25 years of innovation that started with the Opera web browser. While Opera is leveraging its brand and engaged user base in order to grow and develop new products and services for people who seek a better internet experience, Opera's PC and mobile web browsers, content discovery platform Opera News, and apps dedicated to gaming, Web3 and e-commerce are already the trusted choices of hundreds of millions of active and engaged users. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the OPRA ticker symbol. Download and access Opera's products and services from www.opera.com

About Opera GX  

Since its inception in 2019, Opera GX has quickly become the browser of choice for millions of gamers seeking a more custom internet experience. Along with countless customization options including color themes, sound effects, background music, and a gaming-inspired design, GX includes CPU, RAM and Network Bandwidth limiters that make the browser less resource-hungry and leave more of the computer's resources for gaming. The browser also includes a Hot Tabs Killer feature, which lets users kill the most resource-draining tabs, and GX Cleaner to purge those old unwanted files. Opera GX launched its own Discord server which now has more than 400k members. 

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Kseniia Sycheva, Senior Communications Manager, kseniias@opera.com