Anything but boring – Opera GX surpasses 25 million MAU

September 21, 2023 at 7:00 AM EDT
25 million Montly Users


What a long, strange trip it’s been. When we first created Opera GX, the browser for gamers, back in 2019, it wasn’t something that anyone asked for. However, from our own experiences as gamers and through extensive conversations with dedicated gamers, we identified genuine challenges and recognized the opportunity to become an integral part of the gaming universe. The gaming community is one of the most passionate groups in the world - so we created a unique and easy-to-use platform to meet their needs, support the growing industry, and set ourselves apart from all the other boring browsers out there.

Now, just four years later, we can confidently say we have achieved those goals, with Opera GX surpassing 25 million monthly active users.

Thanks to our passionate team of gamers, programmers, engineers, testers, marketers, bug fixers and more, we’ve built a browser that delivers an amazing and unique experience on all fronts. Not only does Opera GX provide flagship features such as CPU and RAM usage controllers, network bandwidth control, Discord and Twitch on the sidebar for ease of use, and sound effects as well as a dynamic soundtrack - but within the last year alone we have:

  1. Taken the browsing experience to a whole new level with Aria browser AI
  2. Become the first browser in history to protect your legacy after death with Fake My History, a feature that automatically clears your browser history after a couple weeks’ inactivity
  3. Unlocked new levels of customization and mini games right in your browser with Live Wallpapers
  4. Introduced GX Mods so users can “pimp their browser” and make their online experience as unique as their gaming setup
  5. And so much more!

While these features are exciting and core to Opera GX’s value proposition, our approach goes beyond simply creating an amazing product with everything gamers need and more. Our goal is to create the marquee gaming brand at the center of a thriving gaming ecosystem and community. That’s why Opera GX maintains one of the largest Discord servers around, actively collaborates with thousands of gaming influencers, including some of the biggest names in the space, and provides a multi-million downloaded app for indie game development (GameMaker), all in addition to giving gamers a platform on which they can play games ( We’ve also embarked on a first-of-its-kind partnership with ASUS to create a special ASUS ROG edition browser, with more exciting hardware collaborations to come.

But our dedication to the gaming community doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to participating in and fostering this community - in the past year, we’ve:

  1. Amassed over 980 thousand Twitter followers and over 900 thousand followers on TikTok
  2. Introduced our silly Vtuber mascot, GX Aura, who already has almost 60 thousand subscribers
  3. Completed thousands of streamer and influencer collaborations, including some of the top gaming influencers in the world – like PewDiePie and MrBeast

As an embedded lifestyle choice for more than 25 million gamers, we are well on our way to becoming the ultimate gaming lifestyle brand, and we are taking an active role in shaping the narrative around gaming to keep the culture alive and thriving.

“Gamers are a community that cross boundaries - generations, continents, race, hardware, software, hardcore, casual… no two gamers are alike. But collectively, they care about many similar things, and gaming is near and dear to each of their hearts. Understanding this is what allowed us to grow Opera GX to over 25 million highly engaged users,” said Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President of Browsers and Gaming at Opera. “We’ve reimagined the way people browse the web, turning a boring utility into a fun and engaging experience.”

It’s important to note that the vast majority of Opera GX users are Gen Z, and so have only just begun to develop brand loyalties that will last for decades to come. They’re also the most tech-savvy generation yet, with deep experience and affinity for building resilient online communities around their interests across great distances.

“With Opera GX, gamers can optimize their hardware setups, customize their browser to suit their lifestyle, and connect with their communities and those who share their passions, all while accessing the very latest in features and technology. We still have so much room to grow, and we look forward to continuing to engage with our users and introduce even more people to a new world of web browsing,” Kolondra concluded

While today’s news marks an important milestone for our young browser, this is just the beginning of Opera GX’s journey to take over the world of gaming. In addition to an array of new features and enhancements in the pipeline, we also can’t wait to introduce exciting new partnerships with some of the biggest players in popular culture.

Finally, before we sign off, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our most important stakeholders - our users, the vibrant and spirited gamers whose passion fuels our own. Thank you for all of your heartfelt support, without which none of what we have accomplished would have been possible. And please, keep on being anything but boring!